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We approach all patients with the philosophy that surgery should be a last resort treatment option. Dr. Koth is experienced in the most contemporary minimally-invasive surgical techniques and will develop a surgical plan that is uniquely suited to your specific conditions.

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Meet Dr. Kevin Koth, D.O.

“As an orthopedic surgeon, my goal is to educate my patients about their diagnosis and discuss surgical and non-surgical options that are current and up to date in order to provide the best overall outcome.”

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We remain transparent and honest with our patients.
We pride ourselves in educating and facilitating care in a streamlined manner.

Dr. Koth and his family have been advocates for Autism since receiving their daughter’s diagnosis in 2014.  They are active in the community supporting education, independence and inclusion for all.  

Dr. Kevin Koth believes in clinical progress by using modern and minimally invasive surgical techniques to achieve improved functionality and mobility while also relieving pain. Renew your freedom and regain control of your life, today.