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Our Autism Promise

New Project 11 showing the concept of Our Autism Promise
Our Autism Promise:

We Understand Your Child's Needs

Dr. Koth and his family have been advocates for Autism since receiving their daughter’s diagnosis in 2014.  They are active in the community supporting education, independence and inclusion for all.  

Dr. Koth is an avid participant within the community and has experience treating children with ASD for over 10 years. Your child will always be our #1 priority at Koth Orthopedics & Spine. Comfort and safety are our speciality! 

Quality Care Is More Than Treatment.

Patients Love Our Gentle Approach

“Dr. Koth is an amazing doctor, Beyond any expectations I could ever have. He was so good to my son during the treatment of his broken arm. My son has autism and anything like that I for sure thought would be overstimulating for him.

Dr. Koth knew exactly what to do. He has great experience with autism due to his daughter also having autism. He knew how to soothe my son when it was just too much. He made the experience such a great one that always made my son leave with a smile after each visit. I would recommend Dr. Koth to anyone!”

– Misty L.

Child showing the concept of Our Autism Promise

Begin Your Journey With Us.

"Dr. Koth and his wife are a strong advocates for autism awareness and acceptance.  He has worked directly with Autism Society of Illinois by sharing their personal experiences and information on policies related to autism.  Dr. Koth serves as a main point of contact for our respective federal and state legislators. They work directly with Autism Society both in local and Washington, D.C. offices to implement initiatives to benefit individuals living with autism.
Stephanie Brown
President, Autism Society of Southern Illinois (Illinois Autism Taskforce)